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12/10(Thur) From 3p (HST)

Island Innovation Demo Day is a one-day event bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate partners from both Japan and Hawaii. Our demo day is focused on “Island problem-solution” technology, such as sustainability, tourism, agriculture, etc. Island Innovation Demo Day Online is a spin-off event of Island Innovation Demo Day, which is an online event where we bring Hawaii startups to pitch to the Japanese market. We'll invite Japanese corporations, VC, and investors online and distribute this all over Japan with support from Dentsu, which is the biggest advertising agency in Japan.

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Island Innovation Demo Day is postponed due to Coronavirus

Thank you for your support of Island Innovation Demo Day.

We have officially decided to postpone the date of Island Innovation Demo Day due to Japan's current situation and circumstances from the Corona-virus. This is very unfortunate to us and the community, however, this does not mean we are going to give up bringing innovation to the islands as soon as we can. Your continued support to Island Innovation Project and Demo Day is much appreciated and we will inform you of any updates regarding Island Innovation Demo Day when we can see the situation with the Corona-virus has settled down.


Island Innovation Demo Day is a one-day event bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate partners from both Japan and Hawaii, enthusiastic about developing sustainability solutions. This is a community-based in the Hawaiian islands where we can provide the best environment for startups to validate their sustainability solutions in energy, food, tourism, hospitality and such. The selected startups that applied through the public application will have an opportunity to pitch in front of Japanese investors and corporate partners, expose their innovations and solutions to the next stages, such as finding opportunities, investors and corporate partners in the Japanese market.



Why do we do this event?

Hawaii is a unique state in the U.S. as it is an isolated island with a strong Asian culture. Due to this unique location, Hawaii has a lot of different problems compared to other states, such as high energy cost, environmental issues and lack of workforce…etc. These problems are very similar with those in rural Japan since many prefectures rely on tourism and agricultural business with a lack of workforce due to decreasing population. We believe introducing innovation and solutions coming from Hawaii can change businesses in Japan, especially outside of the major cities, in a way that is different innovation coming from Silicon Valley and the Mainland U.S.


Are you a startup in Hawaii?

Apply to Island Innovation Demo Day 2020!!
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Entrepreneurs Sandbox
Our demo day is a pitch event for startups to find investors and corporate partners in Japan to pursue their visions to change the world. Are you a startup in Hawaii? Apply now!! Selected startups will be notified and invited to the demo day!

Island Innovation Demo Day 2020 will be co-organized by engawa KYOTO, which is operated by DENTSU Inc. We are planning to live-stream startups' pitch to their incubator in Kyoto to expose Hawaii business to Japan.  

engawa KYOTO is created by Dentsu Inc. to support the innovations of individuals, corporations, and society, in the Shijo Karasuma area of Kyoto. With a members-only co-working and shared office space targeted at individuals and corporations as a platform, engawa KYOTO is a facility that connects the individuals and corporations that gather there and supports the co-creation of businesses that will one day bring vitality to Japan's economy.

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