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What's the future of EV in island communities?

Island Innovation will have three leaders in the field of electric vehicles to discuss where they see development opportunities in Hawaii and to share their past experience working to advocate for policies to support the adoption of EVs in Hawaii. 


  • Scott Glenn (Chief Energy Officer for the State of Hawaii)

  • Nick Sugimoto (CEO of Honda Innovations)

  • ​Moderator: Chenoa Farnsworth (Managing Partner of Blue Startups)

Women Empowerment and Climate Change​


According to the UN, women more often than men are negatively impacted by climate change, especially in developing countries. In this session, we will have four women from both Hawaii and Japan to share their extensive knowledge of creating energy and net-zero pollution policies for their businesses, and to discuss how women can have a positive impact on the direction of their companies.


  • Makiko Suzuki (Principal at Acario Innovations )

  • Chenoa Farnsworth (Managing Partner of Blue Startups)

  • Tiffany Huynh (Director of External Affairs at Elemental Excelerator)

  • Yuko Masuda (Business Development Manager at Marubeni Power International )

  • Moderator: Takaho Iwasaki (MajiConnection)    

How a tech startup can be BIG in Hawaii? ​


Contrary to popular belief, Hawaii-based businesses can be nationally and internationally successful. We will have a presenter who created a tech company share his experiences in creating and growing his business in Hawaii.

  • Presenter: Isar Mostafanezhad (Founder & CEO of Nalu Scientific)

  • Moderator: Takaho Iwasaki (MajiConnection)

Innovation & Diversification in Hawaii's tourism. ​


COVID-19 has impacted businesses in Hawaii, and many people have been advocating for diversifying the economy in Hawaii. But how about tourism itself? During this session, we will have three experts in tourism-related sectors from both Hawaii and Japan to discuss how Japanese tourists’ points of view on traveling to Hawaii have changed and how Hawaii’s tourism industry should shift and innovate. 

  • Hiroki Ukeda  (Business Development Manager of Reiwa Travel)

  • Leo Rogers (Business Partner of BoxJelly)

  • Mitsue Varley (Japan, Country Director of Hawaii Tourism Japan )

  • Moderator: Takaho Iwasaki (MajiConnection)

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