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Meet our judges panel  comprised of  Japanese venture capital industry specialists.

Dr. Maru who holds a Ph.D. in Agriculture, founded Leave a Nest in 2002 in Japan together with a handful of university and postgraduate students to tackle the issue of unemployment among science graduates as well as the declining interest in science. Armed with the vision of “Advancing Science and Technology for Global Happiness”, Leave a Nest has  [......} . 

NEC is a global Fortune 500 company and has a tremendous asset to grow business from both technology and business perspectives. Nobu Morita a Director of Innovations at NEC X, has extensive experience of business development and product management in US, Japan and Asia, [......} . 

Kaz started his career as a strategist in Dentsu Tokyo, later becoming a creative and strategy hybrid.His work has been innovative from the early days, participating in the first undertaking for Dentsu, a start-up "Euglena", which stock price jumped over 50 times. His challenges continues around the world in over 20 countries, serving more than 50brands. [......} . 

Koji Miyazaki is the director of Japanese partnership of the world's largest innovation platform, Plug and Play. Plug and Play is known as the birthplace of major tech companies such as Google, Paypal, and Dropbox. Currently, Plug and Play is not only the most active investor in Silicon Valley, but also the largest innovation platform in the world. [......} . 

Kotaro Chiba is a successful entrepreneur and a startup investor. He Co-Founded and served as Executive Director at COLOPL, which is one of the leading mobile game and location service platforms in Japan [......} . 

Born and raised in Hawaii, Eric graduated from the University of Hawaii in 1990.The start of his 25+ years of professional work experience began in Asia sales for various attractions such as Sea Life Park Hawaii and Atlantis Adventures. Takahata quickly expanded his focus to marketing, public relations, [......} . 



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Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. started as a science venture company in June 2002 by 15 graduate science students. To resolve science graduate employment problems and the decline in interests for science among the younger generation, an in house training program for university students was developed and workshops in schools were also conducted. Today, Leave a Nest conducts more than 150 workshops per year throughout Japan. They also have a direct network with more than 100 companies, 2,300 teachers, 10,000 researchers and 900 startups. Together with Their partners and supporting network, Leave a Nest aims to contribute to the world through Science and Technology by engaging in Science education, human resource training and research development projects.

We are so excited to be a partner with Leave a Nest and co-organize our "Island Innovation Demo Day" to help grow Hawaii's venture industry by connecting Japan and Hawaii with the help of their skills, network, knowledge and experiences in the field of science and technology. 

Kojima Clinic runs two medical clinics located in Odawara, Kanagawa prefecture in Japan. Kojima Clinic is a community oriented clinic and their mission is "To make the community happy through medicine." and their focus is to reduce lifestyle-related diseases such as high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, diabetes.


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Kobashi Industries Co. Ltd's mission statement is  “providing superior implements for the enrichment of agricultural industry”. Kobashi Industries Co. Ltd contributes to the agricultural industry in Japan, which creates multiple positive efforts such as ensuring a stable supply of higher quality of food that becomes a basis of our healthy lifestyle, conserving the land and environment, and disseminating cultural values. 

In recent years, the world continues to suffer from global problems.

Global warming, conflict over resources, the gap between the rich and the poor.

The question we ask ourselves is what can we do for the children of the future.

We at Looop believe renewable energy will play a major role in solving these problems.  Living without fear of depletion of resources and minimal impact on the environment. Renewable energy will not only help the environment but also help economically, such as the creation of business and employment.

Through our mission, Looop will help to create a world of sustainable energy.



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